Anna Hagermark

As a former dancer with a professional dance career of 15 years, I have been working with my body as a tool since childhood. This taught me the importance of taking care of my body at an early age and also the connections between body and mind.
During my time as a dancer, I was lucky enough to discover shiatsu and thus be able to treat injuries and stress in a very effective way. In fact it was the only therapy form that really worked for me.

I did my 4-year shiatsu training at the “International Shiatsu School Kiental” in Switzerland and graduated in 2010. Since then, I have been running a successful practice in France and am now looking forward to welcoming and getting to know new clients here in Skåne!

I regularly participate in courses and seminars and am a member of the Professional Association of Body Therapists, Kroppsterapeuternas yrkesförbund.

In addition to being a shiatsu therapist, I am also a certified dance teacher and have worked extensively with dance in schools at primary, middle and high school levels as well as with dance and movement in psychiatric care.

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