Soft and Dynamic Body Therapy

Personalized body therapy for all ages

Try a preventive yet restorative and therapeutic body treatment that’s tailored especially for you.

Shiatsu works on several levels simultaneously, through the physical touch, which activates “feel-good” hormones in the body such as oxytocin, and through the body’s subtle energy systems in the same way as acupuncture and acupressure do.

Shiatsu provides a great opportunity for deep relaxation while recharging your energy!

Well-adjusted pressure, gentle adjustments and stretches are used to create your treatment. The focus lies on strengthening and supporting your needs and not only on treating symptoms.

All treatments are personalized to your specific situation and take place in a safe and secure space with a clear intention.




Shiatsu offers increased well-being and strengthens your energy in a natural way. Many people describe a relaxed and harmonious state after a treatment.

Shiatsu treatment on the hand


Physical, mental and emotional relaxation that reduces stress, anxiety and fear. Effective pain relief for back pain, headaches, digestive problems and more.


Helps you to change deep rooted patterns and free yourself from old behaviours, which might no longer be needed.


Regular shiatsu treatments improve sleep, breathing, circulation and the immune system, among other things.
You gain energy and feel more dynamic.

the treatment



Each treatment session starts with talking about your general health, your wishes, any difficulties and/or changes and improvements observed since your last treatment.


You lie comfortably and fully dressed on a futon mattress. Soft, loose cotton clothes are ideal, but not a must. The treatment is tailored to your needs and can therefore be slightly different from time to time.


Afterwards there is time to talk about the treatment and any potential advice regarding exercises, diet etc to enhance your healing process. I am committed to confidentiality.


No! Shiatsu is a preventive therapy and is perfectly suited for staying healthy and well. It is a form of therapy that prevents and heals at the same time.

I am trained to know in which cases a shiatsu treatment is inappropriate. You’re welcome to contact me so we can discuss your particular situation.

This may vary slightly depending on your condition and needs, but allow an hour or so for each session.

Shiatsu helps with all types of pain and stiffness as well as improving your body awareness and posture. Stress, fear, anxiety, sleeping problems, fatigue syndrome and migraines are just a few of the many things that are effectively improved by shiatsu treatments.

No, the receiver is dressed throughout the treatment. Please bring loose, comfortable clothing and a pair of socks.

That’s very individual, but most people feel the positive effects quickly. We can design a treatment plan together according to your needs and wishes!

No, shiatsu does not replace a doctor’s visit but it works as a very efficient complement to your medical care.

Yes! Contact me for more information.




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Prices & booking

Adult: 800 SEK

Packages: 3 x – 2 160 SEK, 5 x – 3 400 SEK, 10 x – 6 400 SEK

Try out session (30 min): 425 SEK

Children: 450 SEK (0 – 15 years) 

Healthcare activity

A shiatsu treatment is an approved healthcare activity and therefore tax deductible.